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Jay Torres
Jay Torres
This newsletter has mostly been about parenting and fatherhood, but the second half of the title is “and other interesting things”. I figure I’d link to some other things that interest me.
How to Get Rich (without getting lucky):
This Twitter thread from Naval is a great read. Financial literacy and wealth generation isn’t taught to us in school. This is a good place to start.
This is a great look into how the App Store was conceived over email and, taking a step back, how email should work in corporate settings. Matthew Panzerino said it best: “If Bertrand Serlet and Steve Jobs could change the world over an email perhaps we don’t need to have that meeting.”
Kenji (who else?) comes up with a make it at home version of NYC’s famous chicken and rice dish.
Aside from this, being able to bridge the gap between upper management and those in their twenties and early thirties is my other valuable work skill.
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Jay Torres
Jay Torres @jaytorres

Links, articles, and Tweets that I find interesting. Mostly parenting-related, sometimes not.

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