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Dad Things - Issue #30

Jay Torres
Jay Torres
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Isaac Fitzgerald on Never Having Kids
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🍲 Eater has put together a list of 38 Orange County restaurants to eat at this summer.
🌮 Also by Eater: What happens to a fast food restaurant with recognizable architecture goes out of business?
🌎 192 ways the world got better in 2021.
Ben Meer
21 one-time decisions that will 10x your productivity (not joking):
Marcy G
My 5yo got the ball at T-ball practice. The coach yelled, "tag him" as her teammate ran home. My 5-year-old threw the ball at the kid. The coach then yelled, "no tag him with your glove," so my 5yo threw her glove at the kid. Nobody got hurt tho cause my kid missed both times lol
whitmer thomas
When I was 5 the chef at Benihana kept tossing shrimp in my mouth and I threw up on the table it cooked my throw up
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Jay Torres
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