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Dad Things - Issue #32

Jay Torres
Jay Torres
Hi friends,
Guess what? I gave up alcohol! Well, for the most part. I recently went to my doctor for my yearly physical and had my blood work done. The results came back and my cholesterol is a bit high. Turns out, having 2-3 drinks a day and then not working out is not the best for your health.
So for the foreseeable future, I’m limiting my alcohol consumption to Fridays and Saturdays and cutting down on complex carbs and red meat. I’d always thought I was relatively healthy but I knew in the back of my mind that all those daily drinks were going to catch up to me.
It also reminded me of my mortality. I’m not getting any younger. My body can no longer do what it did in my twenties. It can’t easily bounce back and it needs more maintenance and care. I’m looking forward to getting myself back into the gym and monitoring what I eat and drink. This is my only meat bag and I need to take care of it. I plan to stick around for myself and my family for as long as I can.

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Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden
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🧱 Lego is finally making bricks out of recycled plastic. What took them so long?
💾 Remember WordPerfect? It’s still around.
A relaxing video of someone camping in Yosemite.
A relaxing video of someone camping in Yosemite.
5 Money Habits I Learned In My 20s
5 Money Habits I Learned In My 20s
steve jang
my 4yo woke up too early at 4am which is rare. when asked if he needs anything, he said “no, i ran out of dreams”. i keep thinking about this.
Kaitlin Ruiz
for years my dad has argued that what the world needs is “the travel taco” i.e. a taco with sealed edges to keep all the filling from falling out while you’re on the move. and for years my mom has patiently explained the concept of burritos.
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Jay Torres
Jay Torres @jaytorres

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