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By Jay Torres

Dad Things - Issue #33



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Jay Torres
Jay Torres
Turns out a few of you were fans of me giving up alcohol. I heard from a few readers that either, they had given up alcohol and it was one of the decisions they’ve ever made, or was already thinking about cutting down their alcohol consumption during the week and I made them make the leap.
We often don’t talk about reducing or abstaining from alcohol. Especially among males. In college, it was often looked down upon if you couldn’t “hold your liquor”. The amount of alcohol you could consume in a short amount of time was somehow proportional to how cool you were. Which looking back is completely idiotic. When someone is offered a drink, and that person refuses, it is always judged. And especially with women, people automatically think they are pregnant. Which is unfair. There’s nothing wrong with turning down a drink and there is no unacceptable reason for not drinking. For some, it’s having to wake up early the next day, for some, it’s health reasons, and still, for others, they’d rather not say, and all of that is completely ok.
For me, I’m not drinking for my health. I’ve found some alternatives for that late-night drink I’ve always reached for. Hot Wtr is good. Sierra Nevada’s Hop Splash is excellent as well. For me, tonight I’ve been enjoying plain old sparkling water with lime as I’m finishing this up.

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It's almost football season. 60 minutes of crazy NFL endings.
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Oliur talks about ways to make passive income.
I'll never get tired of desk set up videos.
I'll never get tired of desk set up videos.
Brian King
Somehow, The Bear is making me miss being a line-cook.
Official Bluey TV
Can’t wait to share the Bluey 💙 with you on the 10th of August.
Get ready for 25 brand-new episodes on @disneyplus  

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