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Dad Things - Issue #34

Jay Torres
Jay Torres
Hi everyone,
We’re counting down to the end of summer. In years past, I was counting down the days until the kids went back to school. When they were younger, they required a lot more hands-on attention. They couldn’t do anything without us, especially the younger one. 
“Daddy, play with me!”
“Daddy, I’m hungry!”
“Daddy, I’m bored!”
Nowadays, it kind of feels like the opposite. Our boy is a lot more independent, and it’s a lot easier working from home since he can entertain himself. I’m probably going to miss taking them on lunch breaks and running errands. It’ll be a lot quieter around the house.
At the beginning of summer, we were wondering how we would make it to the end of summer. We had some summer camps, a vacation, and a few activities planned, but not every week had something planned. And now, it seems like the summer flew by way too quickly.
As someone once said, “The days are long but the years are short.”
And now, on to some links.

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Quick Links
🏎️ How Hot Wheels makes miniature versions of cars.
🍻If you’re interested in giving up alcohol, here’s a review of two non-alcoholic alternatives.
📆 A year late, but 192 ways the world got better in 2021.
Formula To Create A Functional & Beautiful Entryway
Formula To Create A Functional & Beautiful Entryway
How to Cut Michelin Star Onions
How to Cut Michelin Star Onions
Marcy G
We were eating dinner and it was really quiet because we were enjoying our food. My 5-year-old out of nowhere, "so I didn't get that promotion." Her comedic timing was perfect. I can't stop laughing. I'm so proud.
C.J. Toledano
Anyone ever get up so early with their kid, your parenting is just laying lifeless on the ground, throwing different toys at them for the first 2 hours of the day?
David Doel
Me: Here’s half my income.

Daycare: Cool. Here’s a new virus every other week.
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Jay Torres
Jay Torres @jaytorres

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