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By Jay Torres

Dad Things - Issue #35



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Jay Torres
Jay Torres
I don’t have too much to write here to start off. It’s Sunday night, August 21st and today was the last day of summer vacation. I’m just enjoying tonight and preparing for the return of hectic morning routines.
Tonight, we put to bed a 1st grader and an 8th grader. Tomorrow we’ll have a 2nd grader and a 9th grader. Time, it flies.

Must Listen
How Will You Teach Your Kids To Be Entrepreneurial?
Quick Links
✈️ United redesigned their overhead bins.
👴🏼 43 life lessons at age 43.
💿 Janet Jackson had the power to crash laptop computers.
Jeremy Allen White Worked in a Kitchen and Took Culinary Classes to Prepare for The Bear
Jeremy Allen White Worked in a Kitchen and Took Culinary Classes to Prepare for The Bear
My, how the NBA has changed.
My, how the NBA has changed.
Whet Moser
one thing they don’t tell you about having kids is just how often you have to get up from where you’re sitting
Lucy Huber
HGTV has ruined houses, every house now is just one giant room with a kitchen island in the middle.
hot pink bitch named breakfast
the soft spot on a baby’s head is for the bubble tea straw
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Jay Torres
Jay Torres @jaytorres

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